PaintMor did an amazing job on my home!!  Tim was very professional!  I loved the work!  They painted almost the entire exterior and the gate.  I would recommend them to anyone!!!!  GREAT JOB!!

B. Elkins

Dear PaintMor Painters,

Now that you’re finished painting the outside of our home, I realize our house was long overdue for a fresh appearance.

The new, updated colors sure make a really nice contrast to our garden and backyard spaces. Watching your team get right in and completing the work on time each day made our lives a lot easier and our home a whole lot more attractive.

Thank you!

Ellen -McKinney, TX

"Just got home and WOW it looks awesome!  First, I cannot believe how quick your guys finished the job being that it only took them two full days.  Second, as I told you I am an old painter and when you spray there is generally overspray issues as well as light and dark area but I couldn't find one.  The color is perfecto as well.  Congrats on a job well done!"

Rick -McKinney, TX

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the services provided and your team.  Felix kept me informed of progress and each team member was excellent.  The ceiling repair was flawless.  You cannot tell that there was repair work done.  The exterior paint project is excellent and the prep work was exactly as you stated.  Your team covered and taped all the windows and protected from overspray.  I will recommend you to all!"

-Robin Plano, TX


In April 2016, we experienced the worst hailstorm in Wylie Texas history.  Hailstones the size of softballs.

The damage was extensive and required the replacement of sheet rock and repainting. Paintmor jumped right in and did a top notch job.

Thank you Paintmor!!


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Joe Chandler