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Painting exteriors can be an immense undertaking for a homeowner. Not only do you have to navigate your way in high or out-of-reach spots, but you must also consider how temperature and humidity may affect a fresh coat of paint. Will it dry in time and have an even look?  Do I have the right equipment and paint?  These are all typical questions for exterior painting projects.  It’s important to get the correct answers before beginning.  Or PaintMor can come in and take all the trouble out of the project and provide a quality professional paint job in a timely, fairly-priced manner.

Consider how PaintMor Painters typically prepares a home for a new coat of paint:


Preparing to Paint an Exteriorlights

Exterior painting projects must start by removing screens, shutters, light fixtures and any other items that should not come into contact with paint. Then, we powerwash to remove any dirt and debris that may have built up on the home.  After the washing, we would  inspect for any repairs to be made.  This is a perfect time to get your home sealed up solid before the last steps.   Finally, after caulking, wood replacement, and masking off and covering bushes; the space can be primed for paint.

Typically, preparations for painting an exterior of a house take several hours to a day, depending on the size of the home. We would provide a crew of uniformed, and insured painters to significantly reduce the process time.  We always do our best to lighten any inconvenience painting exteriors can be to our customers.

Diligence Pays OffPicture7

As with most projects, diligence and attention to details really pays off. If your upcoming exterior painting project is done carefully and thoroughly, not only will your house look fresh for years to come, it will also be better protected from aging.  It costs less to just paint it than it does to replace rotten wood.  Your home is your biggest investment and with proper maintenance, it’ll be your best investment.

PaintMor looks forward to stopping by to inspect your home’s exterior and provide you with a free proposal.  Please call today before another harsh Texas season affects your home.


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